Finnriver Cidery

This Certified Organic family farm and Cidery is located alongside a restored salmon stream on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

Finnriver grows a variety of berries and heirloom apple trees in order to provide organic fruits for their wines and ciders. They also glean wild apples from old-time local homesteads and source fruit from regional organic sources in the Pacific Northwest.

The term "cider" is used at Finnriver the same as it is used in Europe and in the blossoming cider revival in the United States, to mean a fermented apple beverage. Some folks call it "hard cider." Their ciders are alcohol.

Cider Offerings        
* Please note that the prices shown are approximate retail value.
Organic Pear Cider 2013. 760617 12 x 500 ml $ 8.99
A refreshing, elegant sparkling hard cider made from earthy heirloom and organic Washington dessert apples, blended with the elegant sweetness and subtle delights of organic pear. Pear cider pairs well with pungent cheeses, pacific salmon, poultry and pie. A timeless taste of the orchard!
Alcohol content 6.5%. Semi-sweet
Fire Barrel Cider 2013. 760619 12 x 650 ml $ 12.25
Master cidermaker Drew Zimemrman’s Award-Winning Fire Barrel cider. Pressed from traditional bittersweet apples and aged in fire charred Kentucky bourbon barrels, this full flavoured cider offers a hint of whiskey, oak aroma, notes of caramel and vanilla; a lingering soft tannin finish. Try with strong cheeses like aged cheddar!
GOLD MEDAL: 2013 GlintCap
Seasonal Cider - WINTER CRANBERRY ROSEHIP 2013. 760807 12 x 500 ml $ 9.95
Finnriver's winter seasonal cider is a Cranberry Rosehip blend featuring a lively fermented apple base with tart, organic cranberries and wild-crafted rosehips from the Olympic Peninsula. Celebrate the season with the succulent herbal notes and crimson color of this semi-sweet craft cider. Celebrate the season with the succulent herbal notes and crimson colour of this semi-sweet craft cider!
Seasonal - when they are gone that's it!
ARTISAN ‘Méthode Champenoise’ CIDER 2013. 760621 6 x 750 ml $ 20.25
handcrafted with care in the labor intensive méthode champenoise from tart, organic Washington dessert apples. A dry, crisp, effervescent cider. A unique sparkling alternative for fine occasions! And with only 8% alcohol, a few percentage points lower than your typical sparkling wine, the Artisan Sparkling Cider is The Brunchmaker. Pair with ceviche or delicate poached seafood; heck, maybe try poaching seafood in some of this cider!
DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL: Seattle Wine Awards